Wednesday, 24 March 2010

Spring has sprung and so have the Windows

Have been neglecting the blog of late so here comes an update. Life has been extremely hectic especially work wise as we get ever closer to opening the new Diocesan Centre at Arpafeelie. The finishing touches of any major project seen to take so long and some aspects seem unnecessasarily complicated for example obtaining a new phone line and a broadband connection.  

But I digress. Spring has sprung and all around there are signs of new life the crocuses in the header picture are the view from the Study window across the road to the Grant Park.

It is a particularly clear view at the moment as there are no windows in the Study!
The Rectory is having its windows renovated by a company called Ventrolla the end result should be rattle free, draft free, easy opening windows. For anyone who lives in an 150 year old house with sash windows you will know that really will be a result. Will keep you posted.