Wednesday, 27 January 2010

Swimming in Loch Katrine

Imagine the scene a calm dry day in the Trossacks, which in itself is a fairly rare event, the temperature is three degrees and the surface of Loch Katrine is like a mirror which is suddenly shattered by a dive and a swim. Well no not me, it was the dog of course. A brief paddle about and then out, a quick shake and a run about and then on with the walk.

Made me think of brother Kelvin, not that he swims in Loch Katrine, at least not that I know of, though he does swim in his local baths in Glasgow and it was the Kelvin/Glasgow connection that made me think of him as Loch Katrine supplies Glasgow's water. So, Kelvin, the dog says sorry if you find blonde hair in your water, but she promises me she did not have a wee so your tea should taste fine!

That was yesterday (Tuesday) and today enjoying even better weather with temperatures that reached ten degrees today. Had a look around Doune today and a good walk with the dog along Loch Achray, yes more swimming. Lazy afternoon with the books.

Monday, 25 January 2010

On top of the World

Having tried to have a few days off after Christmas and failing miserably I am now enjoying a few days away in a little cottage in the Trossacks, just me, the dog, lots of books and some fantastic countryside.

Climbed Ben A'An today - sounds impressive dosen't it, but its not a Munro, not even a Corbett but Ben A'An has all the necessary attributes of a real mountain - a particularly steep, sometimes awkward path, a beautifully shaped summit and superb views from the top over Loch Acray and Loch Katrine.

The dog of course climbed it at least three times to my once and was still bouncing about when we got back to the cottage!

Tuesday, 5 January 2010

Winter wonderland and a Good New Year

The weather is interesting here to say the least. The above picture is the horses field and it is proving interesting to get hay and food to her each day. On returning from last nights trip to feed the horse we had great difficulty getting the car back into the Rectory Drive and this morning we can't get out so had to get a lift from another mad horse owner who picked us up at the roadside. The main roads are passable but the sideroads are treacherous and getting worse.

Not everyone dislikes the snow of course and just across the road from the Rectory the local youngsters are really enjoying the sledging in the Grant Park.

A really good new year to you all.