Thursday, 30 September 2010

Midlife Crisis

Life has been quite hectic of late hence little or no blogging. So what have I been so busy at? Well basically I have been thoroughly enjoying a mid-life crisis by fulfilling a long term ambition. Back in June I started to learn to ride a motorcycle. As a teenager I used to ride small motorbikes and always promised myself that one day I would learn to ride a big bike.

Had I really known just how challenging the process would be I probably would not have started. Learning to ride a big bike has been really rewarding and given me great respect for everyone who completes the journey. The first step is to sit the Theory Test and then to complete a CBT - Compulsory Basic Training Course, which is an intensive course of theory and a practical introduction to a 125 cc motor bike.You then progress to a 500 cc machine and train for Module 1, which is a practical driving test conducted at a test centre involving slaloms, U turns, emergency stops and slow and high speed manoeuvres. Then more training for the Module 2 which is a practical on road driving test. I successfully completed this final stage today and am now a fully qualified biker!

The picture above is my motorcycle a Honda 800 VFR VTEC which will give a whole new look (and Pace) to Deans visits in Moray!