Monday, 24 October 2011

Out of body experience

I recently had an ‘out of body experience’. No, I didn’t have an accident or operation and see bright lights at the end of tunnels, or anything of that sort, so please don’t be alarmed. But I did have a consultation with an Audiologist who had a clever device that allowed her to look inside my ear. This device was also linked to a computer screen so when she used the device to look in my ear I could also see inside my ear by looking at the screen. That was a first for me as I have never seen inside my ear before. It was like an out of body experience.

The reason I was visiting an audiologist was to have a pair of earplugs custom made for use on my motorbike. Earplugs are important when riding a motorbike because the noise can cause serious damage to your hearing, not the noise of the bike but the noise of the wind. It is important from a safety point of view that you can hear the bike, other traffic and emergency vehicles’. So in order to hear what you need to hear and to not hear the wind you need to wear earplugs fitted with special filters that remove or filter out the wind noise.

As well as damaging your hearing, wind noise can be very distracting and ruins your concentration, with the earplugs in place you can hear what you need to hear and nothing else. Wouldn't it be wonderful, as we approach the season of Advent, a season of anticipation, a season for preparation, a time to listen to God as we ready ourselves for the coming of the Christ Child at Christmas, wouldn’t it be wonderful if we could be fitted with a special pair of Advent Earplugs, to filter out all the distractions, the commercialism, the greed, the marketing that is associated with Christmas.

Well the really good news is that such a device is available and the even better news is that it is free of charge! Custom made earplugs for motorbike riding are quite expensive but Advent Earplugs are totally free of charge you can find them anywhere and everywhere and the brand name is ‘prayer’.


  1. I'm amazed to learn you can hear anything much under a full-face helmet - we live and learn! Like the Advent analogy, though.

  2. Hi Christine - once you filter out the wind noise you can hear very well. I have a radio, a cd player and an ipod on my bike. You can't beat listening to the Archers at 70 mph on a bike.