Tuesday, 15 March 2011

Necessity is the Mother of Invention

My parcel from America arrived today - an Edset that's how they spell head set over there! 

A good quality piece of kit that was easy to fit, in fact it was a perfect fit in my Nolan Air Crash Helmet. The Honda Goldwing Motorcycle has a Radio and a six disk CD Player and the Edset speakers fit inside the Crash Helmet  and then plugs directly into the bikes sound system and gives good quality sound. 

This means I will be able to cruise the High Street without the speakers blaring causing parents to grab their kids and run into shops and cruise the highways and byways without stampeding cattle, at least I hoped that would be the outcome.

The one snag was that the connection lead to connect the helmet to the bike was not included in the kit! No problem I thought, the lead needs to be a curled lead 1.5 metres long with a 5 pin Din Plug at each end. The best I could find locally by scouring all the electrical specialist including Maplins was a straight 3 Metre Lead. As a last resort I tried my local Computer Shop who just happened to have a 1.5 curled lead with a 5 Pin Din Plug at one end and a 5 pin socket at the other. Off with the socket and some nimble soldering soon had a new DIn Plug in place. It works a treat a great result.

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