Wednesday, 16 March 2011


I gave in to Temptation today. I was busy beavering away at producing The Eagle - which is St John's Parish Magazine. I was distracted by the sun streaming through the Study window, the clear blue sky and the fact that I have not had the bike out for over a week, due to the miserable weather and a sore back. I did need to re-fuel the bike (before petrol goes up even more) and I did need to test the wiring for the sound system. I didn't go far but far enough to lift the spirit - down to Findhorn Bay, calm sea and the snow capped hills of Ross Shire across the Firth, just glorious! Fully inspired now and back to the Eagle!


  1. Sounds a very good thing to have done on such a beautiful day.
    David Balfour

  2. and the Eagle is the Pub!